About us

In 2018, our Essential Pal founder - a working mother of three beautiful kids - was rummaging through her bag, unable to find what she was looking for, when she decided she needed to make a change. Like all great ideas that are born of frustration, she knew there had to be an easier way. 

That was when she decided to create an “essential” bag, something that looked great but even more importantly had great interior organization for a particular, focused activity such as a beach bag or insulin travel case. 

Now each bag design is fully and intelligently thought out to include every storage feature needed to make these essential bags truly invaluable.

From Fashion to Organization

Harnessing her rich experience in high-end fashion, and calling on the expertise of others in the design space, the first Essential Pal bag came to life. With high-quality materials, a stylish look and thoughtful, well-placed storage organization, it truly did become an essential in her life and many, many others.

The Essential Pal bags truly help busy moms and families to be better organized and prepared anytime they step out of the house. Without having to worry about leaving things behind, they are able to enjoy their outdoor activities stress-free and without the constant rummaging inside the bag to find what’s needed.

An Essential Journey

Beginning on this journey to make life easier has truly been a dream realized: creating one well-organized platform to locate all essential “must have” day bags and cases for your “must do” activities.

Essential Pal was proud to introduce our Essential Insulin cooler case and neoprene Essential Beach bags, and will soon see our line extended into Essential Swimming, Essential Hiking and beyond.